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Ever since it’s release last year, the A7r has made waves in the internet with make folks praising…

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Anonymous asked:

Hallo :) . I sow your tutorial how to repair a broken Dollfie Dream torso joint and I would like to ask, if there's any possibility that you can do the same thing with my doll broken joint. I don't have tools to do it myself. I could sent you the broken parts (they look exactly the same as yours were) and pay you for materials and a fee for your trouble of course. Thank you :)



Sorry for the late reply. I read your mail early in the morning, right when I woke up, and then went off to brush my teeth and forgot all about it.

In any case, I would not recommend my technique. It’s actually more frustration because I realised after prolonged use the gorilla pod legs actually wear off quite fast and I have yet to find a gorilla pod that can sustain the weight of the upper frame. That is to say, at the start, everything is good, but over time the strain on the joints will be too much.

I would recommend 2 choices:

1) Get a DD3 frame

2) Wait for the release of Culture Japan’s Smartdolls which will have a superior internal frame; I’ve seen and played around with the frame and the quality is great:

(see pic!)

My personal recommendation is to wait for the Smartdoll frame and use it.

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